Arkansas Pharmacy Laws and Regulations Practice Exam

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In the event of an emergency ruling, what is the maximum amount of time from the time it is accepted until the time it is effective?

5 days

10 days

An emergency ruling is a decision made by a court or higher authority in a time-sensitive situation. It is meant to provide swift and immediate relief in times of crisis. This means that an emergency ruling needs to come into effect as quickly as possible. Option A, C, and D offer timeframes that would be too long for an emergency ruling. Five days, 15 days, and 20 days would not provide immediate relief and could potentially worsen the situation. Option B is the most suitable as it allows for a reasonable amount of time for the ruling to come into effect, while still meeting the urgency of an emergency ruling. Therefore, the maximum amount of time from the acceptance of an emergency ruling until its effectiveness should be 10 days.

15 days

20 days